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14 Aug 2011

More Plum Jams

I've been busy making plum jams this month. A few weeks ago I jammed up wild plum and green gages, yesterday it was Normandy Mirabelles and green gages (plus a few ripe ones from our tree).

As usual it's the normal Miot method: 700 g sugar + 200 ml water + half the juice of a frozen and defrosted lemon heated until it boils, into which you tip 1 kg of your fruit and return to the boil. It produces a slightly softer jam than is typical in the UK, but the fruit doesn't get over cooked and the flavour is excellent.

We now have six jars of Mirabelle and eight jars of green gage jam to add to the wild plum jams and jellies. Slightly better yields than last year: Mirabelle Jam and Gage Jam and we still have only collected a few of our own gages.

Linux 3

Last week I installed the Linux 3.0.0 kernel image on my Debian Wheezy/Testing system. After a reboot, it started normally and X came up with out a problem. The following day when I booted it started okay but went into a kernel-panic when X started. I rebooted in safe/single user mode and it was okay when I manually started X, but it goes into kernel-panic whenever X starts from boot.

I've tried booting several times and with both the radeon or the fglrx graphics driver and it makes no difference, kernel panic on automatic start of X. The older 2.6.39 kernel is perfectly okay, though the fglrx graphics driver from AMD/ATI makes the PC unusually slow at the moment, so I currently use the open source radeon driver.