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02 Sep 2011

Summer Holiday 2011 (Day 11-13)

Yesterday was a travelling day. We left Brioude around lunch time and took the SNCF Ter back to Paris. It's mostly pretty country side and we had nice sunny weather so we had plenty to look at on the way. Once back in Paris we took the tube back to the flat and had dinner with family.

Today we went for a walk in Paris. We first took the tube out to Bois de Vincennes, a large forest/park on the edge of Paris. In one corner is a large flower garden - Parc Floral - which is free to get into mid-week. The had plenty of flowers on display, so I took lots of pictures - in particular in the Dahlia section. After the flowers we pottered about the forest, which is a good place to ride a bike or horse, then went back into the centre of Paris for shopping. A hot and slightly more walking than expected kind of day, but still very good.

Tomorrow we go back home on the EuroStar.