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11 Sep 2011

Dead Lens

Today I thought I'd try out my Canon EF 28 mm f1.8 USM lens on my new camera body. I took my EF 20 mm with me on holiday and thought I'd try out my 28 mm today. I took it of my old Elan IIe (50E) body and put it on the 60D body and went for a walk.

I got to the first picture I wanted to take, lined it up, the focus locked it in, but when I fired the shutter "Err 01" came back on the body! Strange I've never seen that before. Tried again and the same problem. I swapped the 20 mm back in and that was okay.

Back at home I tried the lens out on the new and old body and it worked some of the time but most of the time it didn't. On the newer body you get an error, other older body just goes stupid and needs to be power cycled.

A quick Google suggests that this another mechanically similar Canon lenses are prone to a problem where the aperture leaves stick. See the following on Flickr. I tried the non-invasive approach and it makes a lot of noise, the aperture ring either stays wide open or when it does stop-down it stays stopped-down. It's not a happy bunny...

Thinking back it now explains why the old camera would lock up occasionally. I had put that down to cold screwing with the batteries, but now it looks like it was just the lens sticking.

I can buy a replacement lens for £350 or try to get it fixed. I've just spent about an hour with Google trying to find contact details for a Canon approved service centres in the UK. Looks like I can expect to pay at least £100 for a repair...

Not in a good mood. Need a nice cup of tea to make me feel better I think.