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24 Nov 2011

Autumn Colour

This autumn has been very strange. We had a cool/snowy winter which is apparently bad for shops, we then had a very mild spring - which is bad for shops, then a cool damp summer - which is bad for shops and now we have a mild dry autumn - which is bad for shops. I wish people would stop their drivel - we're in the middle of a bloody recession what the hell do they expect?

Anyway back to colour, last weekend we went for a walk and I took lots of pictures. I've started to upload them to my Picasa account in the Overton album - the autumn ones are at the end of the album. It was a very pretty day and I will have to share are few more pictures - once I've processed them.

05 Nov 2011

Autumn Steam Spectacular

This year we have been busy at work, with two big successful project deployments this autumn. As a reward we decided to take a day off work and go and watch the steam engines go by at the Mid Hants Railway "Watercress Line". They had a three day special this October so we went down on the Friday, hoping to avoid the weekend rush.

We didn't quite arrive as early as I would have liked but no matter we took the train from Ropley Station to New Alresford on a A4 hauled train. At each station the trains sit about so we took some pictures before going to get fish and chips in town. After lunch we took a "Lord Nelson" hauled train back to Ropley where there is a bit more space to take pictures from.

It was a lovely day, very unseasonably warm sunshine and we found a nice spot on the path just outside Ropley station to take lots of pictures from.

I took over 200 photos, though only a handful are any good once you have removed the rejects and duplicates. Digital may not have the same charm that Kodachrome did, but it's a lot cheaper if you aren't a great photographer!

It's taken a while to sort out, but the pictures are now on the web in my Google Picasa album: Watercress Line. As I finish off going through them I will probably add a few more pictures of the next few months.