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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

02 Jan 2013

Wind Turbines

Power company EDF wants to build some wind turbines on a small hill in the village next door. While I would like electricity to come out of the socket magically with no consequences I know that this isn't possible. I am opposed to nuclear, coal and gas power generation but accept that in the UK they will probably form the bulk of our generating capacity for the next 30 years. I am in favour of various renewable solutions and accept that they are not going to be as cheap as coal and will only be viable if we reduce national demand.

The proposal is to build fourteen 2 MW turbines for a total capacity of about 28 MW which is two and a bit Eurostar trains worth of electricity. I am not qualified to say if this is or is not a sensible place to put a wind turbines but from a subjective view point I don't think they are ugly and most of the arguments against them are pure FUD.

A good read is the web site.