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25 Aug 2013

Summer Holiday 2013

We cycled down to the station, we had to take a detour because of CarFest South and annoyingly we had to deal with some petrol headed moron who doesn't understand that single track lanes aren't wide enough to pass bike any more than tractors... My other half was nearly knocked off.

While at the station waiting for our train two planes from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight came buzzing over.

We took the train without a problem to Portsmouth and boarded the ferry without problem.

We arrived in Brittany all okay. We cycled through Saint Malo to the station and took the train to Rennes where we changed for another train to Quimper. We then cycled to the hotel on the edge of town, dumped our stuff and cycled back to town.

We had two sets of galettes/crepes today one in Rennes and a second in Quimper. The Rennes one was okay but a fraction too salty for me but the second in Quimper was very nice and just what I needed after the bike ride.

Cycling may be a joke in the UK and something the government seems to hate and is clearly more popular and supported in France, but SWT's trains that have cycle provision are better than SNCF's trains... I really don't like the stupid hang your bike from the ceiling design.