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04 Sep 2013

Summer Holiday 2013 (Days 11/12)

We left our gite early in the morning and cycled back to town. We nipped into the church in the town to have a look, it was rebuilt after the war and though tiny has stunning windows in the most amazing colours.

We cycled along the canal for a short while until we arrived at Blain where we met our family for lunch. After lunch we went though town to find a shop to buy dinner (we're at another gite tonight) then we returned to the canal.

We left the gite at wonderfully home made sign that said "gite d'etapes 2 km ->". We followed it for about 50 metres and then it said "gite d'etapes 1.5 km ->". We then followed some increasingly rougher and uncomfortable tracks until we arrived at the farm where the gite d'etapes is. The farmer showed us round and we settled in. The place is very pretty even if the signs to get there are a bit random...

To our amazement while waiting for the water to boil for my cup of tea I noticed a box of Mille Bornes in the gite which as a coincidence as my better half had being saying during the ride that it was her favourite game from her childhood. I've been counting the kilometre stones off as we've been cycling along so it reminded her of the game. We had to play the game, even though she couldn't remember the rules and we the box didn't have any!

In the morning we left the farm via a different route and rejoined the canal. We met our family for lunch and then reached the end of the canal at lock 2 where is joins the River Erdre.

The river here is deep and wide and never had much of a tow path, most boats put sails on and sailed down the last few kilometres to Nantes. So we had to leave the canal and take a detour in land before we rejoined a river side path through the city of Nantes.

We cycled all the way to Lock Number 1, which holds the river level up in the city and beyond the lock you are into the tidal part of the river.

Once we really made it the end we went back through the centre of the city to our bike friendly B&B to crash out before going for dinner with our family. Nantes is a fantastic city, very vibrant and very bike friendly. Nantes is currently in the process of remodelling it's self from a car centric city to one that favours people on foot or bikes. It's a great place to get round on foot or bike and surprisingly quiet as traffic noise is minimised.