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07 Sep 2013

Summer Holiday 2013 (Day 15)

This morning we woke with a heavy heart - we are going home and back to work. We cycled through a sleepy town to the port and boarded our ship home. We didn't arrive that early for boarding but they must have been running slow as we were still able to board quickly before most of the cars and got a nice seat on the rear deck to watch the world go by. Other than a few annoying smokers who don't realise they stink, we had a pretty warm sunny morning sitting on deck until lunch time. We went to the cafe for provisions and then looked at the on-board shops before returning outside to sit in the sun.

Overall the crossing was pretty impressive as with previous years, lots of sun shine and no unpleasant events until we arrived in the UK and were were delayed unloading by over an hour. We cycled from the ferry terminal to the train station over the utterly atrocious roads and terrible cycle provision in Portsmouth and boarded our train home.

Because we were an hour later than planned, it was pitch black and we had a very uncomfortable cycle home in the dark. Thankfully my new Topeak lights work very well even though they are really only designed to be seen not to see with.