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27 Aug 2014

Summer Holiday 2014 (Days 04/05)

Today we started with a very generous breakfast at our B&B - the owners really did feel sorry for us as we looked so wet when we arrived yesterday. We then cycled on to the ferry port to take the ferry across to the island of Funen. We then cycled on to our destination of Faaborg, about 30 minutes from arriving I noticed a strange noise and discovered I had somehow snapped spoke on the rear wheel of my bike.

We checked into our Danhostel, then went looking for a bike shop to fix the spoke (who said they'd fix it in the morning) and then wandered about to see the town. Tonight's dinner was the first we made from locally source ingredients.

Today's picture is Viking longship in the middle of a street. We had quite a bit of time to look round and the town was quite pretty if a little quiet.

After a good night's sleep the day started with a trip to a friendly local bike shop to fix my broken spoke. After the fix we set off for Nakskov our destination for the day. While the wheel was round and had all it's spokes present and correct, it made a lot of noise...

Today's picture is another church, this one in Ulbølle, again as a result of getting lost... The Danish cycle network is brilliant, but the direction posts are far apart and some get knocked over in places so you can easily miss a turning and have no idea where you are.

We arrived at our Danhostel outside of Nakskov with only a minor incidents - my chain hopped of the smallest chain ring and got wedged, but that was easily fixed, even if I got covered in chain muck...