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31 Aug 2014

Summer Holiday 2014 (Days 08/09)

We left our home for the night and cycled to the capital, in the hope of arriving before the predicted rain. The route was fast but boring and well signposted until we reached the outskirts when the route markers vanished and we got lost. However we managed to find our way to the capital in the end, and before it started to rain.

After a brief but surprisingly good lunch we went on to our B&B in the suburbs, where we unloaded and had a brief rest before we returned via train to have a look round. The rail service was fast and cheap and we made it back for our exploration of København. It rained and it rained and we did get wet - but with good quality clothing we survived and had a very interesting "palaeolithic" dinner.

On our return from town we sat on the bed in our B&B and I watched Jaws (with Danish sub-titles....)

Overnight it rained, and rained, and rained a bit more. The weather forecast said it would and it really rained. The forecast for today was dull, clearing later and with that in mind we set off with a spring in our step to the station. We were less than a minute out of the station before the rain started and by the time we arrived in central København the rain was pouring down. Luckily I found a broken and discarded umbrella and managed to hop from shop to shop without getting saturated.

We actually found some of the shops as good as museums, except you could buy stuff if you wanted - which as we were on bikes meant we could actually buy very little! This was probably a good thing as I could have spent a fortune in the Lego shop alone!

Towards the end of the afternoon it cleared up for a while and this is when this picture of a Statue in the rain was taken, it's the Danish archbishop Absalon on a horse looking all brave and knightly.