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02 Sep 2014

Summer Holiday 2014 (Days 10/11)

Today we left our B&B in the city and cycled in the sun to Roskilde. Like Ribe, Roskilde is a former capital of Denmark and is famous for the scuttled boats found in the harbour that have since been dug up, preserved and put on display. They think the boats were deliberately sunk to block the channels into the harbour, to prevent raiders from attacking the city about 1000 years ago. The period was famous for a lot of in fighting and combined with dendro dating they know when the wood for the ships was felled.

The Viking Boat Museum is fascinating and has lots of modern experimental archaeology going on, as people try to understand how these old boats were actually built and used. The main exhibits are the remains of the boats that are on display in a purpose built exhibition hall that from the outside looks like a concrete u-boat pen, but on the inside is a stunning light and airy building with the boats all for display.

After visiting the museum we checked into our Danhostel, which is physically next door to the museum and had dinner - which was a bit harder than planned as the kitchen's microwave didn't work. Unlike previous Danhostels there was no cycle provision which is a bit of a pain.

After dinner we went for a walk round the city, which is very pretty and has a large and impressive cathedral. We followed the historic town trail backwards, which was mostly okay but sometimes you can miss a turn..!

In the morning we left or Danhostel and cycled to Slagelse. The national bike route was a bit naughty today and sent us on some dirt tracks that were okay on a hybrid but would have been no fun at all on a road bike. No broken spokes or punctures though so we did manage to survive okay.

After a short section on the road we were sent on another off-road section through a wood, where we saw a cute red squirrel and lost the cycle signs entirely and the track was so poor that it was unridable even on a hybrid - you needed a mountain bike and no panniers with all your belongings in! In the end we did come out in the right place but it wasn't fun. So far it's been the worst experience on bike.

We eventually arrived at our Danhostel, had a shower, did some shopping in town and then went to the kitchen to prepare diner. So far every Danhostel has been spotlessly clean and well equipped, our room was perfectly clean but the kitchen was unsanitary and the microwave smelled like something had drowned in the rancid liquid that was swilling around at the bottom of the oven.