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06 Sep 2014

Summer Holiday 2014 (Days 14/15)

We left our B&B after another hearty Danish breakfast and cycled on to Kolding on the mainland. At lunch we stopped at the fantastically named Middlefart. Kolding Danhostel was the first we hadn't booked, we didn't know the weather would go so we didn't book in advance, which we probably should have done as we just managed to get the last room when we arrived!

After unloading and having a shower we went for an explore round town. Like almost all the towns we've been to, its cycle and pedestrian safe in the most, pretty and the shops close early so good for window shopping if you arrive late!

Today's picture is Koldinghus Castle an ancient royal castle, that the Spanish who were billeted there during the Napoleonic wars burnt to the ground by accident while trying to keep warm. Restoration was completed in 1991, the tower to the right of the picture is the only bit that survived the fire and is apparently more original, the rest is a twentieth century rebuild.

After dinner we had the TV room to ourselves and were able to watch the Vuelta on Danish TV.

In the morning we cycled back to Ribe, we couldn't stay in the town as everything was booked up because of a festival this weekend. Instead we had a walk round, went into a toy shop and looked at Lego - which we didn't buy as it's not practical on our bikes no matter how much I wanted it...

Then it poured with rain, making everything very wet and emptying the streets in less than a minute. Today's picture is the cathedral at the centre of Ribe: Vor Frue Maria Domkirke, apparently it's the oldest building in the country, and its bulk shielded us and our bikes from the rain...! Once the rain had stopped we cycled on to Esbjerg for our last night in Denmark.