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08 Sep 2014

Summer Holiday 2014 (Days 16/17)

Our last day in Denmark. It has been a fantastic holiday and a country I strongly advice anyone to visit who likes good food, rolling countryside, bike friendly roads, pretty towns & villages and coastlines. It's not for the mountain lovers though as it's not very high anywhere...!

After our final Danish breakfast (which has been consistently good) we cycled around town occupying ourself on a sleepy Sunday before we headed off to the ferry port. The forecast wasn't great and that is what happened, it wasn't hot or cold, and it sort of rained but didn't.

We cycled up the coast to the beach north of the town and had a look at Mennesket ved havet or "Man by The Sea", a giant set of figures sitting on stools looking out at the sea. We took several pictures and with the flat light none came out all that well. We then went up the cycle path and had lunch.

After lunch we went to find a flea market - that was coming to an end when we arrived, and all the classic Lego on sale I was looking for was long gone... After that we went back to town and spent an hour in one of the squares watching the world go by before heading off for our ferry at the port.

Boarding the ferry was a bit drawn out and tedious, but we made it to our cabin without any problems and managed to get rid of our change in the shop on some sweets. In our defence we had brought healthy food with us and we'd been cycling so a little chocolate isn't going too hurt much...

In the morning we woke up in the middle of the north sea. The cabin wasn't as hot and stuffy as the one on the way out, and as the sea was mill pond calm we weren't kept awake with the constant shake, rattle, roll and squeak that made the journey out so miserable.

After breakfast we ventured outside, it was nice and sunny and there wasn't too much wind so it was quite pleasant. Would have been nicer without the smokers, but you can't have everything. We went back inside after a while and watched the end of Danish TV (seems to be mostly old British TV with subtitles...)

Eventually we arrived in port and were called down to the car deck. A nice member of staff suggested we moved our selves and our bikes so that the unloading team could see us - a bus had parked next to us. As a result we were the first of the boat and first out of the ferry terminal.

We then retraced our steps through the rail network, which is always stressful. As it happens we were early after the first leg and were able to take a late running train that got us into London more than an hour early. Cycling through London was HORRIBLE, cars drifting in and out of the bike lanes as if we were not there, the final straw was some w****r of a cab driver who turned left into the cycle lane and caught my rear panniers and almost pushed me over. Banning cars, cabs and lorries from the centre of our big cities can't come soon enough if you ask me...

We made it to Waterloo station and were able to catch an early and quiet train home, giving us time to do a load of laundry and other stuff before it was time for bed and work tomorrow.

We did 929.73 km or 577.707 miles in medieval money... Annoyingly I caught the reset button, so I only have total distance and I don't have rolling averages and elapsed time, but on the section I do have time we were averaging just over 18 km/h, which isn't bad as that is with all our belongings almost all the time and includes walking and slow in-town stuff when we got lost.