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30 Aug 2015

Summer Holiday 2015 (Days 08/09)

We went to see the market at Sausmarez Manor this morning. They also have a nice Fair Trade shop which we had a look round - though didn't by anything in the end. After buying our bread in town we cycled back to base.

In the afternoon we decide to walk to the coast and have a look around, it was cool and overcast but didn't actually rain and we worked up a fine appetite for dinner back at the tent.

Picture of the day: Say Cheese!.

Today we cycled into town as and arrived as the 2015 Guernsey Marathon was coming to then end. Most of the stalls from yesterday's market were also out on the sea front.

After watching the race and buying our bread for today and tomorrow (the shops being closed on Sunday), we (for fun) cycled half way round the island to go home.

Picture of the day: Winner.

28 Aug 2015

Summer Holiday 2015 (Days 06/07)

Today was another dull and damp day, but as we had planned for it we were okay. We first cycled into town to visit the Victor Hugo house, but we were lucky getting in as the tours run a fixed intervals and this is not mentioned on the official leaflet. We bought some food on the way home and returned to base for lunch. The house is worth a visit and is not what I expected at all - and now we'll have to visit the other one in Paris...!

In the afternoon we went for a walk to the German underground hospital, which is a huge man made hole in the ground that must have been a pretty miserable place as a hospital... The facility is massive and was dug by slave labour during the occupation. The site is interesting but was a bit light on the plight of the forced slave labour that built it and what it looked like when it was operating.

When we came back into the light we had a short walk around the area and out towards the coast before returning to base for our bread and soup.

Picture of the day: Escape shaft.

Today the weather was a bit nicer and we planned to cycle most of the way round the island again, but specifically to stop in a few places to have a look around. We spent a lot of time on the western tip investigating the German positions and looking for seals in the sea (which we didn't see). We were a bit unlucky on the cycle as we always seemed to have a bit of a head wind, which is annoying as we cycled all the way round so you would expect a tail wind some of the time...!

Picture of the day is the famous Les Hanois Lighthouse, built from Cornish stone in 1860-1862 and has been automated since 1996.

26 Aug 2015

Summer Holiday 2015 (Days 04/05)

After yesterdays very wet and windy day, we knew that today was also going to be damp but we hoped for a dry afternoon. It was dry enough to cycle into town to check the weather at the Tourist Information Centre and buy bread for the day. While it was damp it wasn't cold, so it was okay to be out and about.

In the afternoon we went for a walk to the Little Chapel, a crazy miniature church on the edge of a hill. When we arrived it was still damp so it was not swarming with tourists and I was able to get a few pictures without people wondering in and out of shot. I dread to think what the place is like on a hot sunny day! Next door is a silverware gift shop in which we whiled a away an hour or so while it warmed up and I bought a book mark. They had the largest collection of Seiko melody chiming clocks I've ever seen - the people who work there must be deaf or mad...

Eventually on our walk back to base the sun came out and it was quite nice and warm, apparently it will carry over into tomorrow, which is supposed to be dry so we're planning a more out doors day.

Picture of the day: The Little Chapel.

After yesterday's damp start and dray finish we hoped for a dry day today. Today was indeed a dry day in a damp sandwich, yesterday was damp and tomorrow is predicted to be damp so we took the best advantage of the sunshine that we could.

In the morning we cycled into town to get bread and provisions from Waitrose, and spent some quality time in the sun having lunch back at our campsite. In the afternoon circumnavigated the island on our bikes. The sun held out as planned and we had a very nice circular cycle round the island, though we did get lost once or twice! Today's picture is a church with a circular tower and spire, it's called Torteval Church and apparently it's the tallest church on the island.

Guernsey is basically the top of a mountain that sticks out of the sea. It's mostly flat on top and easy cycling, but it does have some fearsome climbs that don't seem to end. We aren't doing the distance that we did last year but we've gone up the odd hill instead...

Picture of the day: Round.

24 Aug 2015

Summer Holiday 2015 (Days 02/03)

We had planned to shop when we arrived on Saturday, but because the ferry was late to arrive & unload and the campsite did pizza on Saturday nights we opted to not shop and survive until Monday for the main shop. Because the big shops are closed on Sunday in Guernsey we knew to look for a smaller Co-operative Locale or a Food Hall to get enough for the day, so we went north by bike to the coast to find enough for today. It was a nice ride there and along the coast but a bit hard to navigate.

After lunch we had a look at the campsite animals, pigs, sheep and chickens, then went for another longer bike ride along the north coast.

All in all a very nice day, though it clouded up in the evening and the night and following day were forecast to not be so good so we did our best to make hay while the sun was out...!

Picture of the day: Sleeping Piggies.

It seemed like it rained all night. The morning was still raining but not so bad and the wind had dropped a little so we set of to the shops to get provisions on our bikes. The roads were wet and horrible but we made it there and most of the way back in the dry - the heavens opened on the last 200 metres and we got a good soaking...

We changed - though modern technical clothing dries quickly anyway and after lunch we hid in the tent while it rained and blew up a gale. At one point we went out to re-attach a neighbour's tent which was almost ready to blow away. At least I was able to read a book I had borrowed from a friend.

Picture of the day: Ball in rain.

22 Aug 2015

Summer Holiday 2015

We're going camping on Guernsey for our summer holidays this year - we liked our long weekend so much we decided to go back for a proper holiday.

The day didn't start very well as I had a flat tyre and had to change the inner tube on my bike before we even left the house... We made it to the station in good time and watched an empty train go past (it doesn't stop at our station) and so were a bit annoyed when we changed at the next station where the first train did stop to discover we were playing sardines for an hour or so - which is no fun with a bike - on a very full train...

I understand that it's no fun for anyone on a busy train, but I don't see what right people have to put luggage in the designated cycle space or on a seat when there is space overhead and they are preventing other people from using the available space properly...

No matter, we made it to Poole on time and in once piece, I even found 5p outside a shop as we went through the town centre, and we arrived at the harbour in plenty of time to watch the Condor Liberation berth and unload (very slowly). Compared to Brittany Ferries who are a well oiled machine, Condor Ferries are pretty lame...

On arriving late in Guernsey (Condor are painfully slow at unloading as well) we cycled in the drizzle to our camp-site to settle down for the night. It was a bit late to go to Waitrose as we had planned to we opted for camp-site pizza instead - which wasn't bad at all.

Picture of the day: Liberation.

13 Aug 2015

Weight Plateau

After nearly 22 weeks of continuous and even weight loss I've hit my weigh plateau and not changed my weight for over three weeks now.

There are three basic reasons for this:

  1. My energy intake now equals my energy use. As you lose weight your total metabolic demand falls, so the deliberate energy deficit gradually shrinks to nothing. This is normal.
  2. Calorie creep, over time it's easy to add a little extra to your diet, which means the energy deficit isn't as big as it should be. This is common.
  3. Laziness creep, over time it's easy to slow down and not stick to the exercise plan. This is also common.

The closer you are to your target weight the more likely, and the easier it is to give and stay put. In my case all three are probably happening, my BMR has probably fallen by 168 kcal / 702 kj, which is 400 g of milk or 30 g of almonds - which isn't much but if you eat a few extra nuts or an extra glass of milk, it adds up...

To correct this, I've made sure I don't eat too many nuts (they are good for me in moderation) and I've cut down on the milk in my porridge, substituting water. I've also trimmed my bread, as good though it is, wheat has ~ 360 kcal per 100 g. I'll also try to push harder on the bike and walk faster...

I'm currently stuck under 74 kg, with about 8 kg to go...