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22 Aug 2015

Summer Holiday 2015

We're going camping on Guernsey for our summer holidays this year - we liked our long weekend so much we decided to go back for a proper holiday.

The day didn't start very well as I had a flat tyre and had to change the inner tube on my bike before we even left the house... We made it to the station in good time and watched an empty train go past (it doesn't stop at our station) and so were a bit annoyed when we changed at the next station where the first train did stop to discover we were playing sardines for an hour or so - which is no fun with a bike - on a very full train...

I understand that it's no fun for anyone on a busy train, but I don't see what right people have to put luggage in the designated cycle space or on a seat when there is space overhead and they are preventing other people from using the available space properly...

No matter, we made it to Poole on time and in once piece, I even found 5p outside a shop as we went through the town centre, and we arrived at the harbour in plenty of time to watch the Condor Liberation berth and unload (very slowly). Compared to Brittany Ferries who are a well oiled machine, Condor Ferries are pretty lame...

On arriving late in Guernsey (Condor are painfully slow at unloading as well) we cycled in the drizzle to our camp-site to settle down for the night. It was a bit late to go to Waitrose as we had planned to we opted for camp-site pizza instead - which wasn't bad at all.

Picture of the day: Liberation.