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24 Aug 2015

Summer Holiday 2015 (Days 02/03)

We had planned to shop when we arrived on Saturday, but because the ferry was late to arrive & unload and the campsite did pizza on Saturday nights we opted to not shop and survive until Monday for the main shop. Because the big shops are closed on Sunday in Guernsey we knew to look for a smaller Co-operative Locale or a Food Hall to get enough for the day, so we went north by bike to the coast to find enough for today. It was a nice ride there and along the coast but a bit hard to navigate.

After lunch we had a look at the campsite animals, pigs, sheep and chickens, then went for another longer bike ride along the north coast.

All in all a very nice day, though it clouded up in the evening and the night and following day were forecast to not be so good so we did our best to make hay while the sun was out...!

Picture of the day: Sleeping Piggies.

It seemed like it rained all night. The morning was still raining but not so bad and the wind had dropped a little so we set of to the shops to get provisions on our bikes. The roads were wet and horrible but we made it there and most of the way back in the dry - the heavens opened on the last 200 metres and we got a good soaking...

We changed - though modern technical clothing dries quickly anyway and after lunch we hid in the tent while it rained and blew up a gale. At one point we went out to re-attach a neighbour's tent which was almost ready to blow away. At least I was able to read a book I had borrowed from a friend.

Picture of the day: Ball in rain.