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28 Aug 2015

Summer Holiday 2015 (Days 06/07)

Today was another dull and damp day, but as we had planned for it we were okay. We first cycled into town to visit the Victor Hugo house, but we were lucky getting in as the tours run a fixed intervals and this is not mentioned on the official leaflet. We bought some food on the way home and returned to base for lunch. The house is worth a visit and is not what I expected at all - and now we'll have to visit the other one in Paris...!

In the afternoon we went for a walk to the German underground hospital, which is a huge man made hole in the ground that must have been a pretty miserable place as a hospital... The facility is massive and was dug by slave labour during the occupation. The site is interesting but was a bit light on the plight of the forced slave labour that built it and what it looked like when it was operating.

When we came back into the light we had a short walk around the area and out towards the coast before returning to base for our bread and soup.

Picture of the day: Escape shaft.

Today the weather was a bit nicer and we planned to cycle most of the way round the island again, but specifically to stop in a few places to have a look around. We spent a lot of time on the western tip investigating the German positions and looking for seals in the sea (which we didn't see). We were a bit unlucky on the cycle as we always seemed to have a bit of a head wind, which is annoying as we cycled all the way round so you would expect a tail wind some of the time...!

Picture of the day is the famous Les Hanois Lighthouse, built from Cornish stone in 1860-1862 and has been automated since 1996.