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30 Aug 2015

Summer Holiday 2015 (Days 08/09)

We went to see the market at Sausmarez Manor this morning. They also have a nice Fair Trade shop which we had a look round - though didn't by anything in the end. After buying our bread in town we cycled back to base.

In the afternoon we decide to walk to the coast and have a look around, it was cool and overcast but didn't actually rain and we worked up a fine appetite for dinner back at the tent.

Picture of the day: Say Cheese!.

Today we cycled into town as and arrived as the 2015 Guernsey Marathon was coming to then end. Most of the stalls from yesterday's market were also out on the sea front.

After watching the race and buying our bread for today and tomorrow (the shops being closed on Sunday), we (for fun) cycled half way round the island to go home.

Picture of the day: Winner.