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01 Sep 2015

Summer Holiday 2015 (Days 10/11)

After yesterday's busy day, we had another nice enough day and we were out and about most of the day. We had a nice long bike ride in the afternoon.

After the bike ride we went up to see the pigs, we arrived just as they were escaping and had to help the keeper put them back in the enclosure. We had a log chat with the animal keeper at the campsite who is a casual worker who just came down for the summer.

After feeding and re-homing the pigs I sent a TXT to a local outdoor company to enquire about see kayaking, as tomorrow should be a good day.

Picture of the day: Our Tent made in France no less...

Today was a bit different. As we knew it was going to be nice and after a certain amount of dithering on my part we booked up to try sea-kayaking. I didn't take my camera on the kayak so I've not pictures of the event.

Interesting coincidence, as we were waiting for someone to come out of a sea cave I passed a comment about the pink granite rocks, and our guide made a comments about the colour being quite red/orange rather than pink. I said it reminded me of home (i.e. Lancashire) and he asked where that was. I said Hampshire now days but I really meant Lancashire - where I grew up - to which he asked which bit as he was also a Lancastrian. So I said East Lancashire, and then he said which bit, so I said Rossendale and then he volunteered he was from Bacup! Spooky to find someone from your home town while bobbing up and down of the southern coast of Guernsey!

After changing out of my swimming trunks, we then cycled back to base for lunch and then half way round the island on a glorious afternoon!

Picture of the day: Petit Bot Bay, where we went out to sea. It had a lot less water in than when we left an hour or so earlier. Our guide/instructor told us there was a 10 metre tidal range, which is rather a lot.