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03 Sep 2015

Summer Holiday 2015 (Days 12/13)

Today was supposed to be nice so we booked a day trip to the island of Sark. We left the port early in the morning after buying bread for our sandwich and took the ferry to Sark.

Guernsey is very pretty and Sark is also pretty but in a different way. We had a jolly nice day there on foot and in the sunshine once we had escaped the hoards that came with us. The Bailiwick 1:10000 map was almost unusable as virtually all structures on the ground were not on the map and neither were field boundaries, but we survived and mostly didn't get lost!

Picture of the day: Castle Pier Lighthouse at St. Peter Port on the way out.

After yesterday's beautiful sunshine and walking on Sark, today we planned to circumnavigate Guernsey again for the last time before going home. So after popping into town for bread and some shopping - I got a very good deal on a cycling rain jacket in a water-sports shop, we returned to the camp for lunch. Once fully refuelled we set of on our second Tour de Guernsey!

Picture of the day: In the distance.