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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

14 Jan 2016


Last year I jokingly said my New Year's Resolution was to spend more money. What I really meant was I shouldn't procrastinate as much, and just get on and do things I had to do. In that vein I bought a new TV and Blu-Ray player to replace an aging TV and DVD player, eventually got my better half a decent road bike, and upgraded her desktop computer as well. Overall I managed to get some things done I intended but not everything on the list was done.

I also had an implicit resolution to get my weight down to the correct one for my height - what ever that may be. Starting in February I went on a calorie restricted diet, and by April had managed to shift nearly 7 kg. At that point, on the then daily reduction rate of just over 110 g per day I should have hit my target weight in the autumn of 2015. By September my daily rate had fallen to about 75 g per day, pushing the final weight date out into this year. At the moment the daily rate is more like 50 g per day, giving an end date of mid to late February. Assuming I get to my target date at expected it will have taken 12 months to lose 25 Kg at an average rate of about 480 g per week or 68 g per day.

This year's resolutions are to:

  • Get the roof on the house redone
  • Install solar photo-voltaic panel (yes even at the reduced FIT rate)
  • Get a wooden floor installed on the ground floor
  • Get the living room walls skimmed and then fully decorate the room
  • Get my weight to stay put, once I get to it
  • Get fit again - I've not ridden my bike as much this winter as last.

09 Jan 2016

Xmas and New Year

Even though I ate a little more and exercised a little less there were several days worth of lag before I actually put weight on. In the end I managed to gain nearly 2.3 Kg slowly after returning to a largely normal diet. It's quite amazing how a little extra food and a reduction in excises quickly adds up...

This week I've had a dose of influenza and was forced to spend all of Thursday in bed. I've been pretty rough most of the week and been reduced to eating almost nothing, suffice as to say the kilos melted away and I've lost in no short order all that weight...

Losing weight is easy, even when you don't have a dose of the 'flu, sustaining the weight you are at is harder. I'm now within 1 Kg of the weight I would like to be, based on my height, and my hight:waist ratio. The thing I have to do this year is land my weight on my target and then get it to stay put, I don't want to lose anymore, or put it back on. Both are dangerous to my health and expensive in the clothing department...!