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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

14 Jan 2016


Last year I jokingly said my New Year's Resolution was to spend more money. What I really meant was I shouldn't procrastinate as much, and just get on and do things I had to do. In that vein I bought a new TV and Blu-Ray player to replace an aging TV and DVD player, eventually got my better half a decent road bike, and upgraded her desktop computer as well. Overall I managed to get some things done I intended but not everything on the list was done.

I also had an implicit resolution to get my weight down to the correct one for my height - what ever that may be. Starting in February I went on a calorie restricted diet, and by April had managed to shift nearly 7 kg. At that point, on the then daily reduction rate of just over 110 g per day I should have hit my target weight in the autumn of 2015. By September my daily rate had fallen to about 75 g per day, pushing the final weight date out into this year. At the moment the daily rate is more like 50 g per day, giving an end date of mid to late February. Assuming I get to my target date at expected it will have taken 12 months to lose 25 Kg at an average rate of about 480 g per week or 68 g per day.

This year's resolutions are to:

  • Get the roof on the house redone
  • Install solar photo-voltaic panel (yes even at the reduced FIT rate)
  • Get a wooden floor installed on the ground floor
  • Get the living room walls skimmed and then fully decorate the room
  • Get my weight to stay put, once I get to it
  • Get fit again - I've not ridden my bike as much this winter as last.