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29 Feb 2016

Shopping in NYC

This morning I woke up at silly o'clock and padded around my hotel room like a caged animal until I thought it was late enough to go for breakfast. At breakfast I ran into a colleague and after we'd finished we found our colleagues and went for a walk in Central Park before we had to check out of the hotel.

The weather was glorious and the park was very pretty and busy. Once we returned to the hotel we packed out things, put them into storage and then set out for shopping. I headed off on my own, taking in the USS Intrepid, walking all the way down Broadway to the Brooklyn Bridge, taking in some organic whole food lunch and some retail therapy in the REI Soho store.

In the late afternoon I walked all the way back to the hotel to meet up with my colleagues - I beat them back to the hotel by about 10 minutes - though if their taxi hadn't been smashed into by a Porsche we would have arrived exactly at the same time.

We then nipped out for dinner - which was conveniently close to the hotel but was dreadful. Finally we went back to collect our bags and take the Taxi to Mahwah in New Jersey where we will be for the rest of the visit.

Pictures can be found here: Google.

28 Feb 2016

The Big Apple

This morning (whenever that was) the taxi arrived and I set off for Heathrow collecting my colleagues on the way. After a relatively painless check-in and security clearance we got on board our Airbus and set off for New York. Several films later we arrived at JFK to join the considerable queues to get into the country. It's been over 15 years since I was last in the US and thing have changed for the worse at the border - not helped by the fact I've lost 25 kg and don't look like my passport photo anymore...

After a fairly uneventful taxi ride we arrived at our hotel in Manhattan and checked in. We then set off for food and a drink (though not me). We eventually ended up in a Capital Grill and had steaks that were obscenely gigantic - though I had lamb chops that were just too much. We then went up to the top of the Rockefeller building to have a look at the city skyline at night, and also skirted round Time Square.

Pictures can be found here: Google.

01 Feb 2016


Yesterday I hit my target weight of 65.1 kg, which gives me a BMI of 22.5, which was the target I set for my self last year. I don't really track my daily weight, my main measurement is my 7-day average, which is what I want to get down to that level - and stay at that level.

I'm actually aiming for a target weight of 64.1 kg, at which point I'll add food back to my diet and try to stabilise it. When I add food back to my diet - I want to stop losing weight - I'll probably add on a bit of weight, hence my current target is less than my long term target.

I picked the BMI score out of thin air, being somewhere in the middle of the WHO/NHS healthy range of 18.5 to 25. It's not an exact science, and as I said right at the start I don't really trust the BMI as anything other than a rough guide...

More important measurements are things like waist to height ratio and the similar waist to hip ratio. Both are better indicators of long term health/morbidity than BMI. Though they are both simple to measure in principle, they are actually a pain to measure in practice... Even accepting that they are a pain to accurately measure, my trouser size (which is a good approximation) has shrunk from a 36" to 30" (in UK vanity sizing), which is a decent 6"/15.25 cm reduction...

My next challenge is to get my 7-day average to the right level and then stay there...