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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

02 Mar 2016

New Jersey

Today started at silly o'clock again. After pacing round the hotel room for a few hours I ventured out to reception for the mini-bus to work. We had free breakfast provided, but it wasn't that exciting. The meetings lasted most of the day but there wasn't much in it for me. Dinner at the hotel was pretty feeble and the ciabatta turkey wasn't on ciabatta...

After crashing out I had a fitful sleep, the hotel is very noisy, New York city was an awful lot quieter the room being well above the street level. The morning started well as I managed to get into the teacup sized swimming pool. It was strange swimming in a pool that was so small, but even so it was a good start to the day. After another hours wait, we took the mini-bus to work and went through another day of meetings.

After work we all went out to a local Italian restaurant, which was pretty dire, eventually we made it back to the hotel and I crashed out...