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04 Apr 2016

Weight Plateau

As I wrote recently my trip to the US earlier this year rather de-railed my diet plans. It has taken me nearly a month to get a daily weight back down to what it was before I left, but the more important 7-day average is resolutely stuck half a kilo higher than it was before at best. Having easter in the middle didn't help, not that I stuffed myself with chocolate eggs, but I had a little and the wet weather meant I didn't cycle as much as I would have liked over the break.

I'm now stuck back on the diet, and as I wrote previously, even cut out small things just to make sure I'm actually starving, so less energy in than out. Over this weekend I was staving all day, both days, so I had a lot of cups of water and nibbled on cherry tomatoes. I know there is a lag but so far I've had three consecutive daily weigh-ins below 66 kg, so I'm probably back in the right direction now.

This last kilo is proving the hardest to lose, and annoyingly it means once I've got rid of it there isn't much wiggle room to add any thing extra back in, or I will gain weight. At the moment the best estimate for my BMR is 1500 kcal per day and based on that my TDEE comes out at about 2070 kcal. Each 10 kcal over adds about 1 g of body fat - depending upon source - some take more energy to convert to fat, some less so. So if I eat an apple that I don't need that's 5 g of fat my body will make...!

When I started this diet last year I should have hit my target by now but I've moved the date from October to February, and now it looks more like the end of April into May, based on the current mass loss rate. Still I've done a lot better than the time before that, going from 95 kg to under 85 kg, which was good but didn't get anywhere near where I am today.