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14 May 2016

Recovery Shake

Last weekend we went for two longer bike rides to build endurance and get use to longer rides and on consecutive days. This week I also cycled to work on two consecutive days - which though much shorter rides also contribute to fitness and endurance.

My favourite post ride recovery food is a banana milk shake. Ingredients (* optional/suggestion):

  • Banana - should be reasonably ripe for best result but you can have it any way you like
  • Yoghurt - plain whole milk based, but soya based is an alternative
  • Milk - whole milk is best, but semi-skimmed or soya is an alternative or a blend
  • Whey protein powder* - raises the protein level but is optional
  • Xylitol* - a low GI sugar alcohol, adds sweetness, is safe on your teeth and adds fibre
  • Inulin* - a soluble fibre, adds a little sweetness and is a good way of sneaking soluble fibre into your diet
  • Powdered Psyllium seed husks* - another fibre, adds bulk and fibre to your diet
  • Nutmeg or cinnamon* - adds extra flavour if you find banana a bit bland. I also tried cocoa, but found it didn't make it any better...

Chop the banana up into chunks in a blender jar, add a couple of dollops of yoghurt, a tea spoon of whey, xylitol, inulin - if you want, three tea spoons of powdered Psyllium - if you want, grate the spice on top - if you want, then add about 500 ml of milk. Blend until smooth.

The fibre isn't necessary, but I find it's a good place to hide it if you are trying to add more to your diet. Also you don't really want a lot of extra fibre before you exercise but it's okay to have it afterwards... The physalis husk in particular adds bulk and makes the shake feel more filling.

The added protein from the whey isn't essential but a little protein is a good idea after a ride, and it's well tolerated by the body and it blends into milk very well with no real strange taste - being milk based to start with.

Rhubarb and Ginger Jam

Today I made a small batch of rhubarb and ginger jam. Our usual source of rhubarb had only a small batch for processing this year, and we collected it last weekend. It has spent most of the week soaking in sugar and lemon juice in the fridge. I used my classic method. Input was 1.7 kg of rhubarb, 1.7 kg of British sugar from beet, juice of 2 lemons (frozen and defrosted) and 300 g of crystallised ginger (finely chopped). Yield was 11 small 100 g jars for this year's Sheep Fair and 3.5 370 g jars for me.

I'm now rather full of sugar and feeling a bit odd!