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17 May 2016

Target BMI Reached!

After my weigh-in today and calculating my 7-day average, I now have the target weight I set myself early last year. Now I have to stabilise on it. A little fluctuation is normal, but I want to keep my 7-day average within 0.5 kg of where it is now, indefinitely.

Staying at the weight I want to be at is going to be hard, if I over eat, even a little, then my body will be very keen to store the excess as fat. If I stick to strictly to my diet I'll continue to lose weight.

The mean body mass change for the past three months has been about -12 g per day, with a standard deviation of 462 g. That means that on paper I'm eating 93 kcal short of what I should. So I can now have two apples for lunch instead of one, and an extra cup of tea with milk, and an extra prune each day. It's not a lot extra when you say it like that...