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29 May 2016

Spring Holiday 2016

Today started with at least some good news, I finally hit my target spot weight of 64.1 kg. However I also received an email from Wiggle that the delivery I needed yesterday would arrive today in the middle of the afternoon, which was not a good start as I needed to have the new tyres on the bike and be rolling by the middle of the afternoon...!

In the end the delivery did arrive on time, though one item was missing. Thankfully the two new tyres - one that I really needed were in the delivery and so I was able to fit them to my bike and test ride it just in time.

We then loaded the paniers on the bikes and set off for the station to town. I tried out the iPhone in "airplane mode" (sic), and discovered that while it will geo-log a route, it doesn't track speed, which makes it pretty useless for what I wanted. The train was nice and empty - though some thoughtless people put their luggage in the cycle space. We arrived at Portsmouth ferry terminal in good time and were able to board the ferry early and settle down to have out dinner before we even departed for France.

Pictures for the day: Cap Finistere Sunset.