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31 May 2016

Spring Holiday 2016 (Days 01/02)

The ferry arrived nice and early in Saint-Malo. Brittany Ferries were also very efficient so we were off and rolling nice and early in the morning - though on the wrong side of the road! Life would be so much better if every one drove on the correct side of the road like we do in the UK...

We first cycled though the sleeping town up to Cancale, where we bough some lunch and dinner. Once provisioned we set out for the long flat trip to our B&B near Mont St-Michel. We had some nice sunshine in the afternoon, but we had mostly head winds and it wasn't so warm for most of the day. For lunch we found a sheltered spot and watched the activity on the beach.

At our B&B we unloaded and then went for a bike ride to have a look at the Mont. We've visited it before on our first cycling holiday in France in 2003, so we didn't bother going in this time, but we had a look at it from the outside.

We then popped into the Les magasins Atelier St Michel that was on our way home and got some Brittany biscuits that are very good and other than the name St Michel, have nothing to do with the Mont. But they are nice, use real butter and sugar and do not contain palm fat or other dodgy stuff...

We then returned to our B&B for a well deserved shower, some dinner and French TV.

  • Total distance today: 87.69 km
  • Total cumulative distance: 101.39 km
  • Pictures of the day: Wrong side of the road

When we planned the trip in the winter we hoped for fine spring weather, when we got closer to departure we realised that it was going to be rather wet. Our second day was predicted to be wet...

Today we cycled from our B&B near the Mont to another one in Sourdeval. As we new it could be wet, so we set of as early as we could and went as fast as possible. Much of the route was on a Voie Vert - literally green way - in most cases they are disused railway lines, so quite straight and very gentle gradients. You could ride most of them on a road bike - but not all - but on a cyclocross, hybrid or mountain bike you are fine. France has a large network of them and they are quite well sign-posted and in many respects have a better surface than many British main roads...

Around midday the predicted rain arrived and we took refuge in a brasserie for lunch - which was very good, and arrived slightly damp at our next B&B later on in the afternoon. This B&B was posh - very nice actually - but didn't offer a kitchen, so we had to forage in the near by town for dinner - which wasn't very successful so we made do with a cold picnic in the room.

  • Total distance today: 71.88 km
  • Total cumulative distance: 173.31 km
  • Pictures of the day: Voie Vert