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05 Jun 2016

Spring Holiday 2016 - Return

This morning we rose late and had a leisurely breakfast in our little B&B. Some nice home made jams - they have often been on this trip and bread. I got my tea but no milk today - it's not common in France and they just don't know how to serve it...

We took our bikes in the garage, I loaded them up while my better half bought some bread. As we had plenty of time to kill before the ferry left and leaving the B&B so we cycled up the coast a bit and found a flea market to wander around to occupy ourselves for a while, then cycled back into town to the ferry port.

As on the way out, Brittany Ferries, were very efficient and we were about the third couple on board, so we got the best seats for the return trip. The sea was like a mirror all the way home, so we had a very easy and quick crossing, but there was a lot of mist and we got to hear the fog horn quite a bit!

We were early for the train in Portsmouth so were able to sit outside in the sun for half an hour watching the world go by. As with our way out, some idiot put a non-bike thing in the bike storage. There isn't a lot of cycle capacity on the local trains - even when they aren't busy, but it doesn't help with people abandon prams or luggage in the cycle racks!

  • Total distance today: 24.6 km
  • Total cumulative distance: 469.58 km
  • Pictures of the day: Spinnaker Tower