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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

10 Jul 2016


It's now several weeks since I reached my target BMI. In the interim I've been on one short holiday when I did a lot more exercise, ate a lot more and put on a few extra kilos. I've now been back to my target weight for a fortnight, and so far it's fluctuated by no more than 200 g for the 7-day mean and 800 g for the day weight.

Now I'm at or near my target weight I have to stay on my strict diet for an additional 10-12 months until my body "learns" that I'm not starving to death and I really should stay at that weight. This is the hardest part, if I don't stick to my diet my body will just pile the kilos back on as soon as eat them. Only when I've retrained my body's set point to 65 kg will I be able to eat the odd extra without it showing up on the scales the following few days

Once I've been at my set point for a year or so, I can't just eat any old thing, I'll still have to watch what I eat, but I won't have to be so strict. That still means no sweets, booze and pretty much anything processed, but I should be able to have treats infrequently...