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22 Aug 2016

Home Server upgrade / step 0

Today a new modern motherboard for my home server "Lapin Bleu" arrived, and was installed. The new motherboard has a slightly faster Intel CPU which also uses much less electricity and is much cooler than than the older AMD one. It has much faster DDR4 RAM and more of it, and is a lot smaller. I mainly bought it so that I had a newer system board that still had PS/2 sockets on before they are removed in the next generation of motherboards.

The original board is about 8 years old and there was nothing wrong with it, though it used a lot of electricity and had a tendency to run hot. The new board should be more efficient and if it gives another 8 years of life then I'll be happy.

I also got two 6 TB Toshiba hard disks to replace the current 0.5 Tb Samsung hard drives currently installed, but I'll do that upgrade on another day, when I'm feeling up to it - copying the data will take a few minutes at least!