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29 Aug 2016

Home Server upgrade / step 1

Over the past few days I've been migrating my home server from a pair of Samsung 0.5 TB hard disks to a pair of Toshiba 6 TB disks. The first challenge was using the new GPT technology rather than the original IBM PC/DOS format of yesteryear. Easy enough to deal with once you follow the instructions.

Once the new disk mirror was up and running I used rsync to copy most of the data from the old disks to the new ones, then used a chroot to install grub and reboot. Copying the data took rather longer than I expected so the whole process was rather drawn out, but it's done now and the box is now running on the new larger and faster disks.

The original disks are still in the box in case I need them, but I'll do another power cycle and remove them confirming everything works as planned soon enough. I'll then be able to find another use for them somwhere else.

Before I do anything radical I've decided to re-rip all my music collection. The vast majority of it was in Ogg Vorbis format with a few of the more recent albums in Opus or FLAC. Now I've got enough space I'll re-rip everything to FLAC and which has the big advantage of being more widely supported than Ogg or Opus, and being a lossless format suitable for permanent archiving. It's easy to convert a FLAC file into anything else, the same can't be said of a lossy format.