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26 Sep 2016

Home Server upgrade / step 4

Since getting my home server upgraded and the disk space greatly expanded I've been re-ripping my music CD collection, replacing the various Ogg and Opus files with FLAC files. While I can't hear the difference between a good quality lossy compressed file and a lossless file, there are operational advantages to FLAC files, which is on the main reasons for the change.

On Friday the network connection to the server suddenly died, it did the same again on Saturday, while moving FLAC files about. Removing the module from the kernel and putting it back in brought the connection back to life. A quick google found that there were bugs in the Realtek r8169 family Ethernet card drivers that caused it to stop working under heavy load, and this could be fixed by using a newer module (driver).

I downloaded the latest code from the Realtek site, but as I read the instructions, I realised that my server was running an old Wheezy kernel and not the much newer Jessie one that it should have been. I installed the correct and later kernel - with later versions of the Ethernet module in it and rebooted, and so far, even under heavy load the network has stayed up.

16 Sep 2016

Home Server upgrade / step 3

One of the Toshiba 6 TB drives died and had to be sent back to Novatech. Today the new drive came and I now have a mirrored pair again. At the moment they are about 9% mirrored - so it will take a few hours before my system is fully redundant again.

While I was running with only one disk in the mirror I was manually using rsnapshot to take a backup to a spare drive that I had mounted on the box. While it wasn't full live mirror, had the worst happened I would have lost a few hours of email at the most.

14 Sep 2016

Apple yield 2

On my way home I checked our apples trees out. The Worcester Pearmain were starting to drop on their own and were fully ripe so I picked them all, about 20 apples. The Ashmead's Kernel were also pretty full and large, and had started to drop some apples already, so I picked any that looked damaged and the largest (about 20 in total), leaving most on the tree.

I left the Egremont Russet, Orleans Reinette and Cox's Orange Pippin apples on the trees as they showed no sign of wanting to fall and still looked pretty small and weren't ripe when I tested them.

So far no wasp damage and I also removed any apples that had been attacked and damaged by other insects so that there is nothing rotting on the tree.

04 Sep 2016

Home Server upgrade / step 2

This morning I removed the old disk and rebooted my home server only with it's new drives in place. All worked well and I then sealed the case up and rebooted again. After a few hours one of the drives vanished and I had to reboot the box and check all the connections again. At the moment both drives are reporting full operational health via the SMART tools but I will have to monitor the situation carefully. Both new drives have been registered with Toshiba for a full 2 year warranty - which I hope I won't need.

Apple yield

Today we went to check our small orchard for apples and perform some early autumn weeding. Today's results are:

  • Egremont Russet - plenty of fruit but not full or ripe yet
  • Worcester Pearmain - plenty of fruit and much of it is full and ripe, so larger/redder apples picked
  • Orleans Reinette - plenty of small immature fruit. Not looking happy this year
  • Ashmead's Kernel - covered in fruit but not yet ripe or full, looks happy
  • Cox's Orange Pippin - not full or ripe yet, but looks happy
  • Plum - no fruit and some die back - not happy
  • Damson - 4 or 5 fruit - otherwise happy tree

Most of the apples will not be ripe for another few weeks, so more trips will be required this month.