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04 Sep 2016

Home Server upgrade / step 2

This morning I removed the old disk and rebooted my home server only with it's new drives in place. All worked well and I then sealed the case up and rebooted again. After a few hours one of the drives vanished and I had to reboot the box and check all the connections again. At the moment both drives are reporting full operational health via the SMART tools but I will have to monitor the situation carefully. Both new drives have been registered with Toshiba for a full 2 year warranty - which I hope I won't need.

Apple yield

Today we went to check our small orchard for apples and perform some early autumn weeding. Today's results are:

  • Egremont Russet - plenty of fruit but not full or ripe yet
  • Worcester Pearmain - plenty of fruit and much of it is full and ripe, so larger/redder apples picked
  • Orleans Reinette - plenty of small immature fruit. Not looking happy this year
  • Ashmead's Kernel - covered in fruit but not yet ripe or full, looks happy
  • Cox's Orange Pippin - not full or ripe yet, but looks happy
  • Plum - no fruit and some die back - not happy
  • Damson - 4 or 5 fruit - otherwise happy tree

Most of the apples will not be ripe for another few weeks, so more trips will be required this month.