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It's Not Magic, It's Work!

18 Jan 2017

Stability weight

I hit my target weight and target 7-day average target weight last May. Since then I've tried to stay at 65 kg. My body hasn't yet adjusted, even in October I put on 2 kg, and it took nearly two months to shift it. Basically if I over-eat a tad the weight is added on, if I under-eat by the same amount by body compensates and I don't lose weight.

My current policy is to stick with the diet - I've now been on it since April 2015 - and if I do go up, then something extra gets cut out until my weight (7-day average) returns to target. If I cut our stuff quickly then my weight returns to target quickly and I can add back into my normal diet whatever I removed.

Basically this means I can't have little extras yet, as they still stick. Once the days lengthen and it warms up a fraction, I'll be back on my bike, and that will burn off some more calories and allow me to add back a few more things to my diet.