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08 Mar 2017

Stability weight 2

While my weight still fluctuates and will very quickly increase if I eat a little extra, it appears that if I'm careful for a few days that it quickly returns to target.

It is not homeostatic yet, if I over-eat I still have to deliberately under-eat to compensate, but it seems to respond much faster than just a few months ago.

With the weather warming up a little I've been able to cycle to work twice now, and take the road bike out at the weekend - which was nice.

I wasn't keeping full activity records until September last year, but if you exclude cycling I'm averaging around 6 000 Kcal per month from just swimming, badminton and walking to & from work. In August (the first month of complete records) I was managing 12 000 Kcal per month on the bike, and managed to maintain 6 000 Kcal per month in September and October before the cold/dark and rain pushed me off my bike. If I can quickly get back to last year's burn rate I should be able to maintain my weight more easily.