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18 Apr 2017

General Election 2017

So Mayhem has called for a snap election! It's a gamble but probably the best call she can make given the state of play. Brexit is going to be a disaster and she faces dissent within the country, parliament and her own party. Pushing a head with Brexit is the worst possible course but the one she has set herself, an election allows her some wiggle room.

Labour are virtually unelectable at the moment, so it's unlikely that they will win the General Election, and they may even lose some seats to as well. In that respect it's the best time to attack, when your enemies are weak.

While the LibDems are more popular than they were at the last General Election and openly pro-remain, she is gambling that they'll never be able to win out right - which is probably true.

If she wins a clear majority then that will silence some of the opposition within parliament and allow her to press on with the insanity. If she doesn't win a majority, then she can say she has no mandate and she can squirm out of Brexit, for her it's a win-win situation, either way it won't be her call.

I predict that Corbyn will resign the day after the general election as Labour does very badly. That will probably be obvious as I expect them to do poorly in the local elections in May too.

I expect the LibDems to do well, picking up seats in the remain areas where the previously polled well. How well is difficult to say, 20 would be nice, but 30-40 would be brilliant. I don't know if that will be enough to keep the Tories out of office.

It's hard to say how the Tories will get on, the seats in the leave areas will return Tories, but those in remain areas may rebel or do odd things. I suspect that they will take some seats from Labour though, so it's difficult to know how many they will end up with. I suspect they will be largest party in parliament, but I just hope they don't have a working majority.