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31 May 2017

Spring Holiday 2017 (Day 04)

We started the day looking through boxes for things and then went for a nice 43 km bike ride in the afternoon as it was nice today. Other than one patch of loose gravel with which I ended up with some road rash, it was a very nice ride.

Today was also the first actual day that it's been: dry; sunny and not very windy. Overall a very nice day to be out and about.

Picture of the day: Unknown flower, bike ride: 44.4 km loop.

30 May 2017

Spring Holiday 2017 (Day 03)

Today was supposed to be nice in the afternoon, so in the morning we went to look at the near by town of Hennebont by car. Sadly the RAF/USAF levelled most of the town to get the occupying Germans out during the second world war and the town hasn't been restored with the same care as Saint Malo....! Even so it's an okay place to live, which was the point of the visit. Don't know if there are any jobs for British IT geeks with only pigeon French though.

On our way back we popped into a local shop and by chance found a very nice Noret cycle jersey in a very Brittany style... It was a good price so we bought it though the matching bib shorts weren't in stock in my size.

It never really got that nice, but in the evening we went for a short bike ride around the area which did mean I didn't feel too bad eating dinner tonight, otherwise I would have only had water - I've been overeating too much already and hardly had any exercise at all!

Picture of the day: Entrance, bike ride: Evening ride (25 km).

29 May 2017

Spring Holiday 2017 (Day 02)

This morning we went for a long walk with the dogs. It was pretty humid and grey but didn't actually rain and I didn't feel too bad having my breakfast afterwards even if I have put on a kilo already!

It was cool - almost cold and damp all the rest of the day so no option for cycling as we only had dry weather cycling kit with us. Instead of a bike ride we went up to the near by Zone Commerciale which is pretty enormous and makes the the local shopping centre in Basingstoke look like a small parade of shops! We didn't actually find anything interesting to buy but the family did.

Picture of the day: Orchid from the walk in the woods.

28 May 2017

Spring Holiday 2017 (Day 01)

We had an easy night crossing to France and left the ferry in the morning and drove south arriving before lunch. Saint Malo was very sleepy on Sunday morning and the roads going south were largely free of traffic all the way - so an easy drive.

We unloaded the car, re-assembled the bikes and then spent the rest of the day indoors as it was pretty wet and miserable with thunder in the evening. Lunch was a big family get-together, far too much food and drink. Sadly with the rain I wasn't able to work any of it off - I expect to have put on a kilo or so tomorrow!

Picture of the day: a clematis from the garden.

27 May 2017

Spring Holiday 2017

Today marks the start of a short break. We decided to go and visit our family in Brittany to see what the town they have moved to is like with regards moving there ourselves.

After a hectic morning doing our last minute shopping and packing we left the house slightly later than planned but arrived at the port in plenty of time to board the ferry for Brittany. As every Brittany Ferries were very efficient and kept the waiting to a minimum.

The ship left the port bang on time and we set off to France in glorious sunshine.

Pictures for the day: The Spinnaker Tower