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20 Jun 2017

General Election 2017

The result of the General Election this spring was a bit of a surprise. Most people don't win elections, the other side normally lose them. The Tories called the election with a working majority in parliament and a huge lead in the opinion polls and an extremely anti-Labour media on their side.

Even though the Tories spent a lot of money and were easily able to make fun of the generally lacklustre Labour campaign, it was very clear that May has the charisma of a fart and is about as popular as one in a confined space...

In the end the result was a nice-surprise, the Tories lost seats and their majority but Labour squandered their luck and also failed to win a majority. It would have been much better if Labour had let the LibDems take a few more seats, and then the Tories would not have been in a position to form a chaos-coalition with the DUP.

The train-wreck that is Brexit is still on going, but the Tory position is now weaker than it was before the General Election and everyone else in the world now thinks we are bonkers! The only hope now is that the wheels fall of this insanity and we stay in the EU, and at the next General Elections the Tories get kicked out...

04 Jun 2017

Spring Holiday 2017 - Return

Today is our last day in France (for a while). I woke up in our little motel all depressed about returning to the UK... We checked out and drove the short distance to Saint Servan to have our breakfast by the sea before we went to board our ferry home.

The crossing home was uneventful, though we did have to wait to board and enter the UK because of the security theatre staged by the security forces. The security forces of the world have better things to do than to pointlessly check people travelling from Saint Malo to Portsmouth with their bikes, boats, and stuff - the car in front had a melon that escaped when he opened the tailgate!

When we arrived home, it started to rain as we were unloading and I couldn't find the house keys so there was a slightly damp delay before we settled down for dinner!

Pictures for the day: Tour Solidor.

03 Jun 2017

Spring Holiday 2017 (Day 07)

Today has been our last full day in France. In the morning we packed everything back into the car, disassembled the bikes for transit and drove north to Saint Malo for our last night. On the way we checked the Armor-Lux shop for stripy clothing, several sports shops for the rest of the Bretagne cycling strip I'd already bought but was missing one piece in the right size. In the end I was quite lucky and found what I was looking for my better half less so.

In Saint Malo we checked into our ultra cheap motel and then did some more shops - this time we found something for my better half and finished the day off in a creperie on the ramparts. The place looks tourity but was actually very good, better than the one in Auray a few days ago.

Today's picture is looking north-west towards England when a dirty great cloud front blew in blocking out the sun and it got rather cool...

02 Jun 2017

Spring Holiday 2017 (Day 06)

This morning we went to the market today for food. At lunch we had lovely local fish, but my better half had pork instead which wasn't so good and turned out to have some living guests - so it went in the bin...

In the afternoon I lounged about in the garden in the sun reading a book - it was a bit windy for a bike ride, and it also cooled down.

For dinner we went to the pub with family, which was pretty good (for pub food) and the live music wasn't too bad either. I rather like Mojitos - though I have to have mine without alcohol.

Picture of the day: Big tower.

01 Jun 2017

Spring Holiday 2017 (Day 05)

Today was nice and warm, so we went for a longer bike ride, right round the Golfe du Morbihan, which went pretty well, and the navigation wasn't too bad. I didn't find any lose gravel today, we didn't miss our ferry connection and I didn't get sun burn - so pretty good all round!

After lunch I set up my mother-in-law's computers and then we went to Auray (again - having cycled through in the morning) for a short shopping trip and look round.

For dinner we went back to Auray (for the third time) to a creparie with the family. Pretty good meal but not the best I've ever had.

Picture of the day: Weird fish, bike ride: tour parts 1 (46 km) and 2 (29 km).