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01 Jun 2017

Spring Holiday 2017 (Day 05)

Today was nice and warm, so we went for a longer bike ride, right round the Golfe du Morbihan, which went pretty well, and the navigation wasn't too bad. I didn't find any lose gravel today, we didn't miss our ferry connection and I didn't get sun burn - so pretty good all round!

After lunch I set up my mother-in-law's computers and then we went to Auray (again - having cycled through in the morning) for a short shopping trip and look round.

For dinner we went back to Auray (for the third time) to a creparie with the family. Pretty good meal but not the best I've ever had.

Picture of the day: Weird fish, bike ride: tour parts 1 (46 km) and 2 (29 km).