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03 Jun 2017

Spring Holiday 2017 (Day 07)

Today has been our last full day in France. In the morning we packed everything back into the car, disassembled the bikes for transit and drove north to Saint Malo for our last night. On the way we checked the Armor-Lux shop for stripy clothing, several sports shops for the rest of the Bretagne cycling strip I'd already bought but was missing one piece in the right size. In the end I was quite lucky and found what I was looking for my better half less so.

In Saint Malo we checked into our ultra cheap motel and then did some more shops - this time we found something for my better half and finished the day off in a creperie on the ramparts. The place looks tourity but was actually very good, better than the one in Auray a few days ago.

Today's picture is looking north-west towards England when a dirty great cloud front blew in blocking out the sun and it got rather cool...