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04 Jun 2017

Spring Holiday 2017 - Return

Today is our last day in France (for a while). I woke up in our little motel all depressed about returning to the UK... We checked out and drove the short distance to Saint Servan to have our breakfast by the sea before we went to board our ferry home.

The crossing home was uneventful, though we did have to wait to board and enter the UK because of the security theatre staged by the security forces. The security forces of the world have better things to do than to pointlessly check people travelling from Saint Malo to Portsmouth with their bikes, boats, and stuff - the car in front had a melon that escaped when he opened the tailgate!

When we arrived home, it started to rain as we were unloading and I couldn't find the house keys so there was a slightly damp delay before we settled down for dinner!

Pictures for the day: Tour Solidor.