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20 Jun 2017

General Election 2017

The result of the General Election this spring was a bit of a surprise. Most people don't win elections, the other side normally lose them. The Tories called the election with a working majority in parliament and a huge lead in the opinion polls and an extremely anti-Labour media on their side.

Even though the Tories spent a lot of money and were easily able to make fun of the generally lacklustre Labour campaign, it was very clear that May has the charisma of a fart and is about as popular as one in a confined space...

In the end the result was a nice-surprise, the Tories lost seats and their majority but Labour squandered their luck and also failed to win a majority. It would have been much better if Labour had let the LibDems take a few more seats, and then the Tories would not have been in a position to form a chaos-coalition with the DUP.

The train-wreck that is Brexit is still on going, but the Tory position is now weaker than it was before the General Election and everyone else in the world now thinks we are bonkers! The only hope now is that the wheels fall of this insanity and we stay in the EU, and at the next General Elections the Tories get kicked out...