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23 Aug 2017

Summer Holiday 2017

Today after work we set off one year later than planned for our holiday by bike along the west coast of France. We left the village bang on time on a mostly empty train, which managed to take twice as long as it should to travel the 12 km to town for our first connection. Basically it arrived just outside Basingstoke, then stopped and waited for nearly 10 minutes before rolling into the station, so we missed our planned direct connection and had to settle for a change of train at Winchester. As a result of the shenanigans we were later than planned arriving at the ferry port and were one of the last to board the ferry.

As stresful as it all was, in the end no harm was done and we were also sure no one put anything on top of our bikes, being the last to be stowed in the Brittany Ferries "bike shed". The ferry set off in the gathering dark of Portsmouth and after taking a few pictures we retired to our cabin for dinner (pre-packed) and a sleep.