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24 Aug 2017

Summer Holiday 2017 (Day 01)

This morning started well, we got off the ferry and cycled through an empty town to the same place we had breakfast on our last day on our previous trip to France. We then located a shop to buy lunch from, finally arriving at the SNCF station with plenty of time for our train.

We then took the train to Rennes, changed for another train to Redon, and then finally another train to Saint-Nazaire. All the connections went well and the provision for bikes on the French rail network is very good - much better than the UK. At Saint-Nazaire we cycled to the bridge and took the free shuttle service over the Le pont de Saint-Nazaire bridge to Saint-Brevins-Les-Pins from where we cycled to Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef where we pitched our tent.

A few years ago on holiday we passed Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef several times and I found the name highly amusing. This year we are actually staying here! It's also the home of the baker Saint-Michel who make some very nice biscuits and Madeline cakes that I'm rather partial too!

After pitching our tent we investigated the town and bought ingredients for dinner. There isn't much to the place other than a gigantic factory - that does smell rather good though - and a very frantic factory shop that sells all of their goods. After dinner we walked down to the beach and I took a few pictures of the setting sun against the sea.

  • Picture of the day: Fishing towers at sunset
  • 26.7 km cycled, lots of trains, a ferry and a mini-bus
  • Cumulative distance 29.2 km