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25 Aug 2017

Summer Holiday 2017 (Day 02)

Today is a rest day from touring so we went for a bike ride... We went down along the coastline to port of Pornic, which we visited in 2012 on a previous holiday.

After a short while we came across the memorial for the HMT Lancastria, a British troop ship that was sunk during the retreat from France in 1940 with massive loss of life. The number of people killed is officially unknown, but reliable estimates put the loss of life anywhere between four and eight thousand. It is the single greatest British loss of life at sea ever and one of the worst military disasters in British history. During the war it was hushed up as it was thought that should bad news would be bad for moral.

When we arrived in Pornic we had a look round, the place was buzzing with activity and we had a very nice serving of ice cream, which I justified as it was rather hot and the bike ride was long.

After we had a good look round the town, we cycled back to our camp, having another look at the ever busy Saint-Michel biscuit and cake shop! Tomorrow we cycle back though Pornic on our way to our next stage.