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29 Aug 2017

Summer Holiday 2017 (Day 06)

Today we spent the day in Les Sables-d'Olonne. We first cycled from the camp site to the tourist office to find out what there is to do - surprisingly little in fact. The weather was rather flat and dull, so we opted to follow their walking trail. The town is pretty much devoid of any significant merit and it's not at all pretty, historic or interesting. Even the selection of shops wasn't very exciting.

One street we went round is odd though, it's only a few metres of street but most of the walls have shell art on them - some of them more interesting than others. I took quite a few pictures but I think the cat is probably the best - see picture of the day.

For lunch we managed to find a sandwich shop and I took advantage of the free WiFi to check what was going on in the world and update my bike data - while my better half warmed up - it wasn't warm at all. After lunch we visited the WWII hospital bunker before we cycled back to our campsite in the afternoon avoiding the impending rain.

In the end it didn't rain much and we went for a walk to the coast by the campsite around tea time. We found a pretty deserted set of rock cliffs and a text-book wave-cut-platform. It was also pretty warm and sunny - which was nice for a change as it has been cool all day.

If it rains tonight we'll stay another night, if it's dry we'll break camp and go onto the next campsite. The forecast is for rain but the town is rather dull and we've done it, so it would be best to press on if we can.

  • Picture of the day: Shell cat
  • 14 km cycled + some walking about
  • Cumulative distance 315.9 km