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30 Aug 2017

Summer Holiday 2017 (Day 07)

Today we decided at the last minute to leave Les Sables-d'Olonne and cycle on to the next campsite. It didn't rain overnight as expected and though looking glum it was also dry when we got up, so we broke camp, packed in a rush and set off. In the end we decided that Les Sables-d'Olonne was boring and we wanted to be somewhere else.

We cycled all the way to L'Aiguillon-sur-Mer, and though never exciting it was dry pretty much all the way there. When we arrived the campsite looked very depressing and uninviting, so we tried the alternate one - which was even worse, went to the tourist information office and then back to the first campsite we had looked at.

We pitched the tent in the late afternoon dreariness and then went to the shop for dinner ingredients. When we returned another cyclist had arrived and was mostly set-up. We chatted for a while and directed him to the supermarket so he could get his dinner before it closed.

The campsite had a little protected space and some seats for cyclists, which was very welcome and we cooked and then ate our dinner in the shelter out of the rain which had finally arrived. Our fellow cyclist had a very nutritionally unbalanced diet, but then buying for one from a large supermarket can be awkward at best - we had slightly more luck being two people and one us is French so has a better idea what to look for!

I'm hoping for better weather tomorrow, because today the town looked like a set for a wet weather spaghetti western. Everywhere was small white bungalows with closed shutters, and not a soul in sight - I have expected Clint to appear from an alley to shoot at me!

  • Picture of the day: Strange bird
  • 59.3 km cycled + some walking to and from Super U
  • Cumulative distance 375.2 km