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31 Aug 2017

Summer Holiday 2017 (Day 08)

Today was a lot nicer than yesterday. When we woke up the sun was out and the tent was dry even though we had rain over night. We got up nice and early and cycled to the nearby supermarket which had a 24-hour launderette and did our laundry before breakfast. After breakfast we went back to collect our clean clothes and hung them out to dry while our neighbours in the cycle camp packed up and set off for the day. Most of our clothes were dry in no time, so after washing our breakfast dishes and getting ready for the day we were able to put away most of our clothes before setting off for the day.

The town was full of people once the sun came out and we went to the tip of the sand bars to walk round the old oyster beds and look at the marhes and wildlife. Later in the afternoon after more cycling and walking we had an ice-cream by the sea before returning to camp for dinner.

After dinner we walked back to town to admire the storm clouds in the distance - which could give us a wet night if we are unlucky...

  • Picture of the day: Fisherman
  • 69.8 km cycled + some walking on the beach
  • Cumulative distance 445 km